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Cheats of Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Dave Cheats

Dangerous Dave

Submitted by: Getting extra life:
Submitted by: Anbazhagan. A

Do not leave any points from the start of the game. Since when u reach
a score of 20,000 u will get a another life. It means for every score
of 20000 multiples i.e. 20000, 40000, 60000, etc....u will get a new life.

Submitted by: Aniruddha Mohod

In the sixth level dont take the trophy and try to
go through the door. Then turn right side go right
side you will reach the warp zone of level 8. Where
jetpack is also available for you.

Gameplay Mechanics:
There's some sort of obscure background story, where you're going
through 'Clyde's Hideout.' Whoa...could this be Clyde, a.k.a. Shadow,
from FFVI?!? You never actually meet this mysterious individual, so
let's just assume it is, eh? Good.
DD features ten 'normal' levels and four bonus rooms. To leave
the level you're in (regular or bonus) you have to pick up a gold
trophy that'll be lying around somewhere in the level and then go
through the exit door. Leaving a level nets you two thousand points,
unless you're just entering a bonus area. K.
Left and right move you—wait for it—left and right (and down, if
you're flying). Up lets you jump. The Ctrl key activates your jetpack
(if you have one) to let you fly, and the Alt key fires your gun (if
you have one). And that's about it. Simple, eh?
A few other things: if you stand in front of a tree, you can
climb it by pressing up. If you're positioned properly, you'll
actually *climb;* if not you just sort of jump up and fall down once
you reach the top (the falling being slowed if you're 'on' the tree as
you're going down. You can also do this jumping thing on the stars
that appear in the sky in several places ('fly me to the moon...').

You can kill enemies by either shooting them (only one bullet
allowed onscreen at a time) or, if you're feeling reckless, crashing
head-on into them, which, naturally, kills you as well as them. And
you do not get points for irresponsible kamikaze tactics like this. So
take heed.

On jumping: when you jump, you need to push forward to go
forward. Naturally. If you hold it down, you'll fall at an angle, but
as soon as you let go of it, you'll go straight down. All righty then.
In some of the later levels, there are illusory platforms that
look real but are not. There's no way to distinguish them from normal
ground, and some of them are above fatal pits. If you fall into one
without a jetpack, you can't do much except swear can call the game
'cheap' (which it really is in places, to be honest). Okay.
A brief jetpack-related note: if you push the button to activate
it, and then die before it comes on, it'll do it on your next life as
soon as you stop blinking. This can be a sizable fuel-waster if you're
not ready to turn it off immediately, so be forewarned.
As for scoring, you get various amounts of points for killing
various enemies and grabbing various treasures (see below for specific
point values). You start with four lives (one active, three extra),
and every time you nab twenty-thousand points, you get a one-up—only,
however, if you have less lives than you started with; if you've got
the full four, you don't get a dern thing.

The points max out at 99,999, which is really not very hard to
get to if you exploit the second bonus room (see the appropriate
section) to the fullest. And when you do reach it, strange things
happen with the one-up gaining system: you immediately gain one as soon
as you hit the max, but it doesn't end there. For some reason, you can
get at least two additional lives with points and mind you, it's not
that the game is keeping score but just not showing you. I think only
large point-accumulators will get you it, and you don't get it EVERY
time you pick one up, but sometimes you do. Furthermore and this is
the part that really matters you also get one-ups for picking up the
non-point accruing guns and jetpacks. And yes, I'm almost positive
that you get one EVERY time you pick one or the other up. Whee! I
assume this is nothing more than a rather bizarre bug, but I do indeed
like it.

Submitted by: Prawal Pandey

on level six,dont take the trophy and go thru the door.on the door going right,
u will be thru warp zone, but going thru left u will be going to warp zone which
is actually level-o.

Highscore edit:
Submitted by: Rahul Kumbhare

edit your highscore by hex editor
open the dat file of by hex editor modify your score & in the level line you
write b on that line.after you view highscore the window show your highscore &
level is won.

Submitted by: pranav

in level 5,you dont need to go thru the door. instead there will be a
inlet at the top of the door .go there and you will come to a warp zone

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