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Cheats of F-15 Strike Eagle 3

F-15 Strike Eagle 3 Cheats

F-15 Strike Eagle 3

General tactics:
1. When arming your F-15 don't go for the default
weapons selection. Arm the wing bomb and the CFT
hardpoints with either MK84s MK82s MK20s or CBU87Bs.
All these are iron bombs so you don't have to faff
around with fancy electronic guiding systems - you
simply line them up and let them drop.

2. When you are arming the wing missile hardpoint you
don't have to be stuck with the short-range AIM-9M
Sidewinders. To load them with the superior AIM-120A
Ammraams first remove the AIM-9Ms then cycle through
the available weapons and select something totally
different. Now cycle through the weapons again and you
find that the AIM-120A has become available. Select
that and it appears on the wing missile point.

3. During battle you may find that your plane becomes
severely damaged leaving you on the verge of destruction
but all is not necessarily lost. Press [ALT]+[T] to
switch to training mode because this prevents you from
recieving any more damage from enemy fire. Now press ALT+R
to completely restock your plane - armour and fuel.
You cantale on the enemy with no fear of dying but when you
return to your base you recieve no points at all.

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