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Cheats of F-19 Stealth Fighter

F-19 Stealth Fighter Cheats

F-19 Stealth Fighter

Press ALT H to get the pitch lines on your HUD, fly upside down, turn
off your engines, keep your plane at about 10 degrees on your HUD and
you should then go up, up and away.

To keep your pilots alive forever with a little file copying in DOS.
The data for your pilots is saved in a file called ROSTER.FIL so when

you have successfully completed a mission quit to DOS and type:
copy c:\mps\f19\roster.fil c:\mps\f19\roster.xxx
If he gets killed on the next mission, quit to DOS and resurrect him
by typing:
copy c:\mps\f19\roster.xxx c:\mps\f19\roster.fil

Here's a cheat for F19. Back up the ROSTER.FIL file first, then
follow the commands below from the DOS prompt:

e 0100 00
e 0150 00
e 01a0 00
e 01f0 00
e 0240 00
e 0290 00
e 02e0 00
e 0330 00
e 0380 00
e 03d0 00

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