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Cheats of LEGO Batman: The Videogame Cheats

LEGO Batman: The Videogame Cheats Cheats

What do Indian Jones, Star Wars and Batman all have in common? All have withstood the test of time and continue to live prominently in the hearts of young and old folk alike. They are all also LEGO games.

A marriage between the two age-old classics—LEGOs and Batman—Traveler's Tales' new spin on the LEGO game franchise puts the player in Batman's boots, as well as in the boots of all his nemeses. Played across a total of thirty missions, you get to switch from being a hero to a villain, and back to a hero if you wanted!

And if you've, for some reason, read this far down the introduction, you are no doubt in dire need of expert advice (or are just ridiculously bored). Look no further because IGN has got the lockdown on this game.

Inside this LEGO Batman: The Videogame strategy guide, you'll find:

* BASICS // Every hero or villain has to start somewhere. Might as well be here...
* WALKTHROUGH // Fully detailed LEGO Batman walkthrough for all hero and villain missions, including all the LEGO canisters and red power bricks!
* SECRETS // Things you probably want to know about!

Cheat: Cheat List

Insert the following cheats at the Bat Cave to unlock the corresponding effect.

* Extra Hearts - ML3KHP
* Faster Batarangs - JRBDCB
* Faster Piece Assembly - EVG26J
* Faster Walking - ZOLM6N
* Flaming Batarangs - D8NYWH
* Frozen Batarangs - XPN4NG
* Heart Regeneration - HJH7HJ
* Immunity to Freeze - JXUDY6
* Invincibility - WYD5CP
* Minikit Detector - ZXGH9J
* Multiply Score - 9LRGNB
* Piece Detector - KHJ544
* Power Brick Detector - MMN786
* Score Multiplier x2 - N4NR3E
* Score Multiplier x4 - CX9MAT
* Score Multiplier x6 - MLVNF2
* Score Multiplier x8 - WCCDB9
* Score Multiplier x10 - 18HW07

Submitted by coolster

Unlockable: Characters and Vehicles

To unlock the characters and vehicles below, insert the corresponding code into the in-game cheats menu.

* Alfred - ZAQ637
* Batgirl - JKR331
* Bat Tank - KNTT4B
* Bruce Wayne - BDJ327
* Bruce Wayne’s Jet - LEA664
* Catwoman - M1AAWW
* Catwoman’s Motorcycle - HPL826
* Commissioner Gordon - DDP967
* Garbage Truck - DUS483
* Harley Quinn’s Truck - RDT637
* Mad Hatter - JCA283
* Mad Hatter’s Boat - M4DM4N
* Mad Hatter’s Glider - HS000W
* Man Bat - NYU942
* Mr. Freeze’s Car - BCT229
* Mr. Freeze’s Girl XVK541
* Mr. Freeze’s Henchman - NJL412
* Nightwing - MVY759
* Penguin’s Henchman - BJH782
* Poison Ivy Henchman - GTB899
* Police Bike - LJP234
* Police Boat - PLC999
* Police Helicopter - CWR732
* Police Officer - JRY983
* Police Sniper - HKG984
* Police Van - MAC788
* Riddler’s Henchman - XEU824
* Riddler’s Plane - HAHAHA
* Robin’s Sub - TTF453
* Sailor - NAV592
* Scientist - JFL786
* Security Guard - PLB946
* Soldier - MKL382
* SWAT Officer - HTF114
* The Joker (Tropical) - CCB199
* The Joker’s Henchman - UTF782
* The Joker’s Van - JUK657
* Two-Face’s Truck - EFE933
* Yeti - NJL412
* Zoo Sweeper - DWR243

Additions from Inflexo.
Submitted by Just_Freeze
Unlockable: Additional Features

To unlock the special features listed below, insert the corresponding code into the in-game cheats menu.

* Extra Hearts - ML3KHP
* Increase Score x10 - 18HW07
* Invincibility - WYD5CP

Submitted by Inflexo
Unlockable: Hero and Villain Level Unlocks

Unlock the following characters and vehicles by performing the actions below:

* Alfred Pennyworth - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
* Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
* Catwoman - Complete the Villain Level "Stealing the Show"
* Clayface / The Riddler - Complete Villan Level "The Riddler Makes A Withdrawal"
* Commissioner James Gordon - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
* Dick Grayson (Nightwing) - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
* Dr. Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) - Complete the Villain Level "On the Rocks"
* Harley Quinn / The Joker - Complete the Villain Level "A Surprise for the Commissioner"
* Man-Bat - Buyable After Completeing the Hero Level "Zoo's Company"
* Penguin / Bane - Complete the Villain Level "Rockin' the Docks"
* Poison Ivy - Complete the Villain Level "Green Fingers"
* The Joker's Helicopter / Scarecrow's Bi-Plane - Complete the Villain Level "Biplane Blast"
* The Penguin's Sub / Killer Croc's Swamp Rider - Complete the Villain Level "Harboring A Grudge"
* Two-Face - Complete the Villain Level "An Enterprising Theft"


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