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Cheats of Lamentation Sword

Lamentation Sword Cheats

Lamentation Sword

Press the [Enter] key during play, and an input field appears.
Then input the following cheat codes:

Icompletedthisghostgame - Carries you into the unreal world.
IfIwantIgotit 32 - Gives you items. The number at the
end is the number of the item you want.
Seethesilverlining - Remove the darkness.
Showmetheworld - The whole card releases, and displays
also the positions of the opponents,
who disappear to darkness.
Thefierceunknownpower 99 - Increases Magic to 99
Thegreathealthpower 99 - Increases Health to 99
Thehealthyspiritpower 99 - Increases Brain to 99
Theoriginaldexteritypower 99 - Increases Dexterity to 99
Therealmusclepower 99 - Increases Strength to 99
ThesoulHunter'sholyPower 10 - Increases power to 99
Youcansaymoneyiseverything 10000 - Gives you bucks.
Yougainasoneplease 30 - Gives weapons. The number at the end is

The cheats are case sensitive, and must be entered exactly as shown.

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