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Cheats of Leisure Suit Larry

Leisure Suit Larry Cheats

Leisure Suit Larry

Skip quiz questions:
Press [Ctrl] + X or [Alt] + X (early game versions) or
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + X (newer versions) at the first question.

View version number:
Press [Alt] + V.

Debug mode:
Press [Alt] + D during game play. Press [Enter] at the windows
that appear, then enter one of the following debug commands at
the prompt. Alternatively, enter 0724 when prompted for a
phone number at the start of the game. Then, type help me
during game play to display the debug screen.

Effect Debug command
All items - gimmie gimmie
View inventory item - object
Display coordinates and
room number room - number
Display flag status - show flag or view flag
Display memory allocation - [Alt] + M
Display variable value - show var or sv

Get item - get item
Find item - room
Reset flag - reset flag
Set flag - set flag or sf
Set variable - change var or set var

Show boundaries - priority or [Alt] + V
Item information - sp or [Alt] + I
Teleport to new room - tp

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