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Cheats of Lightbringer

Lightbringer Cheats


After the crash-landing, The Cockpit is the setting for the
first series of interactivities and the following situation
- Computer Access
- Fuel Dump (with a 5 minute time limit)
- Cracked Face Plate (15 minute time limit)
- Commander's Pinned Leg

Help for the first two of these are provided below to get you

Computer Access: to gain access to the ship’s main computer
which has been knocked off-line:Locate the uplink cable access
panel labeled "Auxiliary Computer Uplink". It is on the ship’s
control panel on the side nearest to the empty seat in the cockpit.
Use the cable in inventory to connect to the main computer.
Use your suit computer (represented by the helmet in inventory)
to assess the status of the ship.

Fuel Dump: Dump the remaining fuel in the ship’s leaking tanks
within 5 minutes or the ship will explode: Once the suit computer
is activated, select the "Lander Uplink" icon. Click on the button
labeled "Engines". Dump the fuel in all three tanks. Click "Close"
to return to the main menu of your suit computer, and then
choose "Quit".

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