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Cheats of Links LS 2000

Links LS 2000 Cheats

Links LS 2000


If you're a mouse-swing fan, get set to temporarily
switch allegiances. Links' three-click swing is better
implemented than its mouse swing, and is, to me, the
only way to golf consistently in the game.

If you go past the 12 o'clock position on the two- and
three-click meter, then miss your snap on the downstroke,
the consequences are far more distressing than if you
had swung conservatively. Instead, pick a longer-hitting
club and stop the backswing before the 12 o'clock mark.
This way, the game won't penalize you quite so severely
if and when you miss the snap point.

Do whatever you can to keep from shooting into the trees.
The flat 2D rendering doesn't convey the proximity of
overhead branches and adjacent trunks, and many times
you'll hit a branch or tree before realizing just how
close it is to you.

Submitted by RickHH

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