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Cheats of Lion King

Lion King Cheats

Lion King

E-mail: koushaltk@rediffmail.com
Submitted by: Koushal

Sometimes while playing the game, the roaring power do
not increase at all. In such a case, pause the game by
pressing "P", wait for 3 to 4 seconds and again start
the game. If it doesn't happen by doing once ,repeat
the same process twice or thrice and you will get the
roaring power.

Update by: prashast
Submitted by: Azfar
E-mail: azfar_y@hotmail.com

Type "Dwarf" at the title screen.
You will get a "cheat Enabled".
During the game press the following buttons to
get the respective results.

Button Result
H - Full Health
L - Next Level
Q - Bug Toss
W - Bug Toss 1
E - Bug Toss 2
R - Bug Toss 3

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