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Cheats of Little Fighter 2

Little Fighter 2 Cheats

Little Fighter 2

Function Keys
F1: Pause
F2: Pause/Step
F3: Function Keys Locked (F6,F7,F8,F9)
F4: Restart
F5: Turn off the frame control timer (for performance
F6: Unlimited MP
F7: Recover
F8: Drop some weapons from the sky
F9: Destroy all weapons
ESC: Quit

Template, Bandit and Hunter do not have special moves.

('D' means Defend button, 'A' means Attack button, 'J' means
Jump button) ('>', '^', 'v' means the arrow buttons)
You can setup the Key Configuration by choosing OPTION in the
main menu.

1.Energy Blast (15mp)
Input method: D + > + A
2.Heal (others) (70mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J
3.Energy Shield: (20mp)
Input method: D + > + J
4.Energy Disk: (50mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A
5.Heal (myself): (70mp)
Input method: D + v + J

1.Energy Blast (15mp)
Input method: D + > + A ( + A + A...)
2.Strike (15mp)
Input method: D + v + A
3.Leap Attack: (15mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J + A
4.Leap Attack2: (15mp)
Input method: Strike + J + A
5.Dashing Strafe: (30mp)
Input method: D + > + J

1.Dragon Palm (30mp)
Input method: D + > + A
2.Multiple Shot (30mp)
Input method: D + J + A ( + A + A...)
2.Critical Shot (40mp)
Input method: D + > + J
2.Sonata of the Death (70mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J

1.Leap Attack: (0mp)
Input method: D + > + J
2.Multiple Ninja Star: (20mp)
Input method: D + > + A ( + A + A...)
2.Transform (30mp)
Input method: Gripping Other + D + J + A
3.Hide (70mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J
4.Double (70mp)
Input method: D + v + J

1.Thunder Punch (10mp)
Input method: Run + A
2.Thunder Punch (15mp)
Input method: Run + J + A
3.Thunder Kick (10mp)
Input method: D + > + J
4.Whirlwind Throw (15mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J
5.Phoenix Palm (30mp)
Input method: D + > + A

1.Fire Ball (15mp)
Input method: D + > + A ( + A + A...)
2. Blaze (15mp +...)
Input method: D + > + J
3. Inferno (30mp +...)
Input method: D + v + J
4. Explosion (60mp + 8hp)
Input method: D + ^ + J

1.Ice Blast (20mp)
Input method: D + > + A
2. Sommon Sword (30mp)
Input method: D + v + J
3. Icicle (30mp)
Input method: D + > + J
4. Whirlwind (60mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J

1.Energy Blast (10mp)
Input method: D + > + A ( + A + A...)
2.Shrafe (15mp)
Input method: D + v + A
3.Whirlwind Kick (15mp + ...)
Input method: D + > + J
4.Chasing Blast (20mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A

1.Flip Kick (0mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A
2.Turning Kick (10mp)
Input method: D + v + A
3.Teleport (10mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J (to enemy) / D + v + J (to friend)
4.Energy Blast (25mp)
Input method: D + > + A
5.Tiger Dash (40mp)
Input method: D + > + J

1.Leap Attack (5mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J + A
2.Energy Blast (10mp)
Input method: D + > + A ( + A + A...)
3.Shrafe (20mp)
Input method: D + v + A
4.Dragon Punch (40mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A

1.Crash Punch (0mp)
Input method: D + > + A (+ A)
2.Body Attack (0mp + ...)
Input method: D + > + J

Go into stage mode or championship etc and before you choose your character
type in lf2.net
and you will have firzen, bat, sorceror, all the characters and EVEN THE BIG
VERSE AT THE END! You can also play a new difficulty "CRASY!" this cheat
will work on
any mode(championship. stage ect;)

How to morph LoisEx?
You must have 1/3 hp left and then press defense,jump,attack together.
So,now should me
LoisEx if you did press right buttons.
How to get all the SECRET CHARACTERs???
For example you want to get Firzen,
First double click lf2_v171 (the folder) then double click Data and swap the
file name with the one
you want For example, TEMPLATE you change the name to Firzenn with a extra
letter behind as it
cannot have two data with the same name than change the actual folder of
firzen to TEMPLATE than
delete the extra letter from the folder. Then you will get Firzen.
You can try on every character using this code.

Get freeze and firen down to 1/4 of their health.Then make them run into
each other if you did it right
there will be an arctic volcanoe and firzen will appear and freeze and firen
will disappear, or you could
just type in lf2.net in one of the menus and be able to choose anty
character you want from the start.

Submitted by: owen crind

to get firzenx play with julian and firzen at 1/2 health run into
eachother there will be a giant purple and red explosion and youll
have a guy with to lasers red eyes and a green helmet on.i will get
you his special attacks as soon as i figure them out.

Moves for Firzen:
Submitted by: Dustin

Z is Defend , X is Jump, C is attack <> ^ . = movement
Fire Beam Z > C
Fire/Ice Explosion Z ^ X
Homing Fire Z ^ C
Tested it out and everything..

Dark Julian:
Play with julian and louisex.When left with half life.Run into each
other a Greenish puple explosion will appear.Dark Julian shold have
2 axes and amoured body!

Submitted by: B15H2003

To get Firzen run Firen & Freeze at the start and there should be an
arctic volcano and Firzen will appear.

Submitted by: sravan & varun

You see the below cheats first. then you will see lf2.net is there,
now in any mode you take julian and play, then use soul bomb which
is his greatest power. remember it will work only in version 1.9.

How to make Julian to multiply?:
Submitted by: Spil

first double clik lf2_v1.71(thefolder)then double click Data and swap
the file name of deep to juliann then change the file of the real
julian with deep then delete the extra leter from juliann Nwo when you
play the game with julian instead of deep u should prees run+j(+j...)
and julian should multiply to deep.

Submitted by: Andrew

take Justin and Bat when your life run 1/4 and your get a guy whit red mask and to
sword....it work one 100%..:-)

Submitted by: Shitiz

If you have to grab your opponent, go close to him/her
and press the direction button(left or right) in which
the opponent is than press action button and it will
grab him/her.

When you have transformed Rudolf , do not drink the
bottle full just drink it less then it will turn back
into Rudolf . After that use double and then do not
grab any one just press action jump and defend
button then all three Rudolf will transform.

Submitted by: khoi

get rudolph and another person on the same team. when u start the game,
get rudolph to hold ur teammate and start multiplying him/her. u will
eventually get a lot of teammates..

Submitted by: varenya

1.Energy Blast (10mp)
Input method: D + > + A
2.Flash Kick (25mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A

1.Ice Blast (25mp)
Input method: D + > + J
2.Fire Ball (15mp)
Input method: D + > + A ( + A + A...)
3.Heal (others) (70mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J
4.Heal (myself): (70mp)
Input method: D + v + J

1.ShaoLin Palm (20mp)
Input method: D + > + A

1.Devil's Judgement (30mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A
2.Angel's Blessing (40mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J

No special moves.

1.Wolf Punch (15mp)
Input method: D + v + A ( + A...)
2.Energy Blast (15mp)
Input method: D + > + A

1.Speed Punch (10mp)
Input method: D + > + J
2.Eye Laser (25mp)
Input method: D + > + A
3.Sommon Bats (40mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J

1.Soul Punch (0mp)
Input method: Run + A
2.Uppercut (0mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A ( + A)
3.Skull Blast (2mp + ...)
Input method: D + > + A ( + A...)
4.Mirror Image (5mp)
Input method: D + J + A ( + J...)
5.Big Bang (20mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J
6.Soul Bomb (25mp)
Input method: D + > + J

1.Firzen Cannon (5mp +...)
Input method: D + > + J
2.Overwhelming Disaster (20mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A ( + A + A...)
3.Arctic Volcano (50mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J

to elimmate your friend:
Submitted by: clayton

your freind has to be firen you have to be rudulf and your enemy has to
be freeze.you transform into freeze then fuze with firen to become fritzen
then press turn back into rudulf and now firen is elimenated.


First go to the file of little fighter 2 . then go to the data and now copy
the file of {Julian_ball2} and paste it there .and rename that copyed file
to deep_ball. before writing deep_ball delete the origenal file . And you
will got the power of the julian which is the main bose of 5th level .

If you want to become any character:
Submitted by: Christopher.Bellarmine

you want -First go to any section{VS MODEetc}Then Type any character you
want but don't type any single character which do not belong to little
fighter eg.james bond etc.If you dont know anyone go to little fighter.com
and search for any character.After you type a name and select and there it
is you have the character you want.I don't know any of his special moves.
I'll let you know when I find out.If you are tired of waitingjust try
clicking some buttons maybe you would find out.

Hint for Little Fighter 2.5:
Submitted by: littlefighterpro

text: If you want to 4x the power of a player, change the controls and make
them exactly all the same.So evertime you hit it does 4 times the damage!!!!!
Also K.O. a player the fastest is to set 3 of the controls exactly the same,
then at the character selection page type in lf2.net and chose LouisEX he
will hit a player and they'll never fall down, so you can keep hitting the
opponent until they lose all their life.

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