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Cheats of Lord of the Rings - War of the Ring

Lord of the Rings - War of the Ring Cheats

Lord of the Rings - War of the Ring

One hit kill:
Submitted by: amr banawan

When in a Skirmish level with a river (for example, River Raid), build a
Ballista Tower just beside a bridge. When an enemy comes down the bridge,
the Ballista Tower will fire a bolt, knocking the enemy back into the river,
killing them instantly.

Easy skirmish win:
Submitted by: amr banawan

In skirmish mode. play The Mirkwood Pond map. Have yourself and your opponent
on the good side. Have your opponent set to Farmer Maggot (easy). As soon as
you begin, have two workers get food and the other get rock. Upgrade your
stronghold to level 3. Get Frodo Baggins, and lots of Elven archers. Build
the Elven archer and Ranger upgrade building. Upgrade attack and defense as
high as possible. Then, upgrade the Elven Cloak. You elves will be invincible.
Then, destroy your enemy

Change unit stats:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the
file in the "alplayers" directory in the game folder. You can change
your favorite enemy or ally. For example, the Harassment value can be
changed from 0 to 100. Higher values will send more small forces .

Fate powers:
When you summon an Ent/Balrog in a campaign before an intermission
sequence, it will have a its life span reset and will not go down
from then.

Submitted by: jason hodapp

first go into the game directory and find the folder "AIPlayers".
Youll find the AIs here and can edit them with notepad (create
back-ups first) but also u can make new AI scripts by opening
one and changing it and save it under another name under the
folder "AIPlayers" in the directory. if it works rite there
should be a new script in the game.

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