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Cheats of M1 Tank Platoon 2

M1 Tank Platoon 2 Cheats

M1 Tank Platoon 2

- GameTips -

Tip 1:
Although cresting hills slowly is a good tactic,
enemy light antitank units and infantry love to hide
just over hills and can tear the bottom or sides out
of your M-1 with ease. A tank platoon intending to
take a major hill should run one flanker to either
side to reveal and crossfire any ambushes.

Tip 2:
If a pesky T-80 is just shrugging off your
depleted uranium rounds like rain, don't lose your
cool and charge in. Instead, try to aim very carefully
at the top of the turret or, if the enemy is not hull
down, aim low along the underside of the front armor.

Tip 3:
Be very careful when running multiple platoons
along your flanks. Don't let them get ahead of your
command tank and keep a close eye on your facing,
because even at 10X mag, it's very hard to tell a
Bradley from a BMP.

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