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Cheats of NBA Jam Tournament

NBA Jam Tournament Cheats

NBA Jam Tournament

Make sure the tournament mode in Special Features Menu is off.
Type these words in the Tonights MACH up screen.

MEGA DUNKS - left,right,up,down,left,right
HARD PUSH - left,left,right,right,up,up
TURBO - down,down,down,turbo,turbo,turbo
QUIK HANDS - down,turbo,down,turbo,down,turbo
OFFENSE - turbo,turbo,turbo,shoot,shoot,shoot
3 POINTERS - shoot,shoot,shoot,up,up,up
GOAL TEND - turbo,turbo,up,turbo,turbo
ON FIRE - shoot,shoot,down,shoot,shoot
BIG HEADS - down,down,down,shoot,shoot,shoot
SHRINK PLAYERS - turbo,shoot,turbo,shoot,turbo,shoot

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