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Cheats of NBA Live 2005

NBA Live 2005 Cheats

NBA Live 2005

Submitted by: Sachin Patel

Go to My NBA Live 2005 and go to the NBA Lounge and then to NBA codes.

Enter the following codes:
Zoom LeBron II shoes - Enter 1KENZ023XZ as a code.
50,000 Dynasty points - Enter YISS55CZ0E as a code.
All Hardwood Classics - Enter PRYI234N0B as a code.
All Shoes - Enter FHM389HU80 as a code.
All team gear - Enter 1NVDR89ER2 as a code.

Cheat List:
Submitted by: Sachin Patel

Enter these cheats on the codes screen in My NBA Live:
Get 50,000 Dynasty points - YISS55CZ0E
All Classics Hardwood Jerseys - PRYI234N0B
All shoes - FHM389HU80
All team gear - 1NVDR89ER2
Huarache 2K4 - VNBA60230T
Nike Air Unlimited - XVLJD9895V
Zoom Generation Low - 234SDJF9W4
Nike Bg - 0984ADF90P
Shox Elite - 2388HDFCBJ
Zoom LeBron II - 1KENZO23XZ
Alternate Hornets Jersey - JRE7H4D90F
Alternate Sonics Jersey - BHD87YY27Q

Submitted by: karolis DJ Boymashine

more shorts-more, get new ball-ball biger
new men in the team-gett team

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