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Cheats of NCAA Championship Basketball

NCAA Championship Basketball Cheats

NCAA Championship Basketball

Tip 1:
Take personal control of your best defensive player and
play defense aggressively. You'll get a lot more steals
than fouls.

Tip 2:
When you first start playing, don't forget to change
the skill level to "walk-on" to make the game a little

Tip 3:
As soon as a player becomes "Tired," sit him down for a spell.
If Tired players play much longer, they'll become "Exhausted"
and be worthless.

Tip 4:
When recruiting players, spend your first pick on a sure thing:
a top-caliber player who has your school listed as one of his
choices. Save riskier chances for later. If you don't get a
good pick in the first or second round, the best players will
all be gone.

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