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Cheats of N 2005

N 2005 Cheats

N 2005

Level select:
Turn on [NumLock] then press [Keypad 5] to display a password prompt.
Enter one of the following case-sensitive password to unlock the
corresponding level.

deli -Unlocks Level 01
billow -Unlocks Level 02
spright -Unlocks Level 03
stainless -Unlocks Level 04
resonant -Unlocks Level 05
allegory -Unlocks Level 06
donut -Unlocks Level 07
chuckles -Unlocks Level 08
gaze -Unlocks Level 09
raoul -Unlocks Level 11
stuck -Unlocks Level 12
wookie -Unlocks Level 13
shodan -Unlocks Level 14
legume -Unlocks Level 15
doom -Unlocks Level 16
bender -Unlocks Level 17
graph -Unlocks Level 18
chirp -Unlocks Level 19
wristpain -Unlocks Level 21
pumpkin -Unlocks Level 22
rightly -Unlocks Level 23

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