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Cheats of Need for Speed - Underground

Need for Speed - Underground Cheats

Need for Speed - Underground

Update by: Gaurav
Update by: Niall Smyth
Update by: mike russ
Update by: Alex
Update by: ArJakas
Submitted by: conner54

Start game as usual. Prior to entering each of the following cheat
codes, go to the [Main Menu], go to the [Statistics] sub-menu,
go back again (pressing DELETE), and finally enter your desired cheat:

Code Result
Acars - unlock al cars
undergroundlevels - unlock al underground levels
gimmesomecircuits - Unlock Circuits
gimmesomesprints - Unlock Sprint Circuits
gimmesomedrag - Unlock Drag Circuits
gimmeppablo - Unlock Petey Pablo
gotcharobzombie - Unlock Rob Zombie
havyamystikal - Unlock Mystikal
needmylostprophets - Unlock Lost Prophets
119focus - Unlock Car
893neon - Unlock Car
899eclipse - Unlock Car
371impreza - Unlock Car
222lancer - Unlock Car
922sentra - Unlock Car
667tiburon - Unlock Car
334mygolf - Unlock Car
777rx7 - Unlock Car
350350z - Unlock Car
111skyline - Unlock Car
221miata - Unlock Car
2000s2000 - Unlock Car
889civic - Unlock Car
228supra - Unlock Car
342integra - Unlock Car
239celica - Unlock Car
973rsx777 - Unlock Car
allmylvloneparts - all lvl 1 parts
seemylvl2parts - all lvl 2 vis. parts
seeallmylvl2parts - all lvl2 per part

Submitted by: A.M.N EGY

If You Want To Unlock Most Of The Cars Like Samatha's Car Or Eddi's
Car Fast Just choose A 5 Star Reputation Car And Play In Drift And
Make It 10 Laps It Will Give You More Styling Points Than Drag Or
Circute Or Sprint And Also It Unlocks Vinly And Some Body Parts....Enjoy

Submitted by: bidur

If ur car isn't gaining speed then at the evolution mode go to
the garage and select a car. then go to parts and buy new and
advanced parts (i.e. buy big bore throttle body,high performance
exaust system etc. and replace them with standard throttle body,
standard exaust system and so on). u can also buy other many advanced
parts and then come back and go to the car setup and install those
new parts that u have bought and take part in races. ur car gains a
lot of speed.u can earn lots of dollars.have fun!

Submitted by: sahan(N.C)

To ride with maximum speed while taking a turn never push the brakes...
Instead try to take your hand off the accelarator and take the turn...
And in the middle of the process press the accelarator....
This will reduse the speed loss that your car was encountering previously.......
Making you the king of the street in no time by adding style points in to
your account...enjoy!!!

Submitted by: Himanshu

As soon as your comes near the wall & you feel that there will be a wall impact,
just press 'R' to restart your car and prevent the wall impact. This will help in
increasing style points.

Submitted by: Himanshu

At the main menu, select the "Statistics" option, then press [Delete] or [Backspace]
to return to the main menu. Then, type one of the following codes to activate the
corresponding cheat function:
slidingwithstyle - Drift physics in all tracks
driftdriftbaby - To unlock all drift tracks

Submitted by: Nick
If you try the cheats and they don't work this is why:

I can help with your problem! You have to go to the statistics menu
and hit backspace instead of delete, this will take you back to the
main menu. Nothing out of the ordinary will happen but type in the
code and hit enter and you go back to the statistics menu. After
that your code will work in quick race only. I haven't found a way
to make it work for the underground section.

Example: Go to statistics and hit enter.
Now hit backspace (should take you back to main menu).
Type your code (for instance allmylvl1parts [for engine upgrades]).
Hit enter (should be back at statistics menu).
Hit backspace.
Either enter another code or go to quick race to use your cheat!
From a topic on: http://forum.cheats.it/

Submitted by: Harshal Maitrani

While in the underground mode when u get the level performance upgrade buy the the last
pack[ex. level 4]That will help enhance the car best.Then dont worry about catching up at
all.Just Have A Crash free Ride...ENJOY....

Submitted by: Owais

If You Want To Gain more points In Drift Mode gain speed to 50 KMP.and Put your Front
wheels on End Points of Road And turns until points increasing stops.

Submitted by: Matthew Forrester

When you have just recieved a new mission first check what type of mission it is.
If it is a mission that lets u choose if you want to accept or decline always
choose decline, so you have faster and easier game to play.

Submitted by: Bharadwaj

In this game, after levels like 70 and above the easy way is to push the from back.
And remember to hold ur nitrous Oxide while doing this.Ive completed all the levels
for saved game folder u van mail me at"bharadwaj.j@gmail.com"

Submitted by: arjun

when u eill plying the game u enter once and enter cheat=fastst the car will be fast

Submitted by: Pawan Kumar

If you want to win in underground mode easily,here is the cheat.just go to the
installation folder\cars(folder in which there is gamedata)and here begins the
First make backup of this folder.now copy file ambulance outside the folder.
Now rename it as the names of the cars and copy back to the cars folder.now play
the game(Don't replace the file of your car)now when you will play the game all
your opponent will drive slowly thereby winning you the race(Although you will
only see the Four tyres of the opponent cars) Enjoy!!!!!!

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