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Cheats of Need for Speed 3 - Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed 3 - Hot Pursuit Cheats

Need for Speed 3 - Hot Pursuit

To get all cars type-Allcars:
Richie Rich, Submitted the following Information:
Email: prabhjot91@hotmail.com

To get different traffic cars type-

To go fast type - gofast(only in single race)

short cuts:
Submitted by: jasmeet
Email: jasmeetj@rediffmail.com

1. After the initially left, right, right, right turns, now
during the next long and gradual left turn, there is a
shortcut entrance in the right wall. Upon exiting the
shortcut, turn right.

2. Right before you go through the tunnel that takes you
back onto the boardwalk, you can go off the road to the
left and go over the tunnel, and land back on the track
on the other side. It doesn't really save any time, but
if it's a choice between going around and slamming into
the side of the tunnel, go around.

1. After driving past that "Electronic Arts" landmark
(at roughly half way into a lap), take the left path,
then right. You'll immediately see a shortcut entrance
in the right wall. Upon exiting the shortcut, you'll
need to turn right.

Country Woods
1. (Backwards) There is one difficult left hairpin
turn after all those 90 degrees sharp turns (at about
half way into a lap). Instead of making that hairpin
turn, do this: A few seconds before approaching that
hairpin turn, you can make a sharp left turn (with the
help of your handbrake) and drop to the lower level.
While still in the mid-air, continuously press that
L1 reset button. You'll immediately recover from that
crash landing and "skip" that hairpin turn. This saves
you at least 3 seconds. One other trick on this track:
there is one big and high jump at the beginning of this
backward track (your car hitting the roof of the tunnel).
Once landed, keep straight and accelerate all the way till
you hit hard at the wall. When you crash, immediately
press the L1 reset button to continue. This way you don't
have slow down to make that 90 degree turn and can easily
gain 2+ seconds.

Empire City
1. There are light poles on your LEFT side when you
just pass the start/finish line. Immediately before
the 4th light pole, you'll find a shortcut entrance.
After exiting the shortcut, go STRAIGHT. There is a
wall in front of you but a little bit to your left is
another shortcut entrance. Upon exiting this shortcut,
turn right.

2. Immediately after the second SET of concrete pillars
(when near the end of a lap), you will easily see a
"fake wall" on your right side. Drive through it and
you'll drop to the lower level. This saves you 2 to 3

Redrock Ridge
1. About half way into a lap, you'll have to make a
difficult left hairpin turn. There is an alternative
left turn immediately before that hairpin turn.

Rocky Pass
1. Where you see the falling-rock road sign, right
past that sign, there is a small and short cave tunnel
off-road to you right. Driving through it instead of
making that sharp right turn on the road will save you
some time.

Daniel , Submitted the following Information:
Email: lieytenant4000@yahoo.ca

Type \"cars\" to get all the cars and type \"empire\" to get
the bonus track.
(type in cheat codes at the race menu.

Empire city shortcut:
Submitted by: Kanha
Email: hemendra@netfundu.com

move from the starting line, after 2-3seconds two big
boxes will appear,there will be a gap between them some
so go throughthe gap,then when you are out move slightly
left you will se some lights ,dash the lights go through
the buildings.It save7-8second

Super Jumps in Empire city:
Submitted by: Kanha
Email: hemendra@netfundu.com

in the empire city there is an 390 degree turn, Before
you go for that turn you move down.So the tip is that
before you move down, move right there will be a small
open passage move on that passage with full speed and at
the end you willjump on other passage but dont slowndown
speedup more the real jump.For more high speed use the
cheat (gofast)

Submitted by: Liam Appelbe
E-mail: appelbe@pipeline.com

Go to the main menu then options then user name and type
in rocket to get a car called El Ninio and when compared
withother cars on the compare screen it has full stats for

Submitted by: Gautam Kaviraj
E-mail: bond@go4i.com

In the Aquatica Track there is a shortcut just after the
first tunnel and the bridge .It will save your 8-10 seconds

Submitted by: Mohamad kazem Motallebi
E-mail: kazemturbo@hotmail.com

All cars, all tracks:
Enter SPOILT as a name.

Advance options:
Win both knockout and tournament on simulation mode.

Bonus tracks:
Enter the following names at the options screen, then
select single race mode.

Track name Description
The room - Toy car track
Caverns - Underground
Auto cross - Canyon
Track - GLDFSH
Space race - Space
Scorpio 7 - Underwater
Empire - Bonus

Submitted by: Nawang Dhondup
E-mail: iversonaw3@aol.com

You can do like if you wanna make a new car. then you go to
two player and you get the 1st controller would be the cop,
and 2nd you get to pick any car right and then don't use the
2nd controller use the 1st so you can catch em easily right.
And thats all

Type the cheats below at any menu to activate the cheat.

Code Result
rushhour - Race with lots of traffic on the road.
empire - Race on the Empire City track.
elnino - Race with the El Nino car.
merc - Race with the Mercedes CLK GTR.
gofast - Make your car go super fast in Single Race mode.
allcars - Enable all cars including Pursuit Vehicles.
jag - Race with Jaguar XJR-15.
spoilt - All Cars, All Tracks, El Nino-Auto
pioneercars - All Cars, also the Pursuit-Cars

text: Type bullhorn at the main menu
Result : Police will shout out messages when you are being chased

by: jigarp@bom5.vsnl.net.in

Type the cheats below then click RACE to drive the
different non-player cars.

go01 - Miata
go02 - Toyota Landcruiser
go03 - Cargo Truck
go04 - BMW 5 Series
go05 - 71 Plymouth Cuda
go06 - Ford Pickup with Camper Shell
go07 - Jeep Cherokee
go08 - Ford Fullsize Van
go09 - 64/65 Mustang
go10 - ~66 Chevy Pickup
go11 - Range Rover
go12 - School bus
go13 - Taxi - Caprice Classic
go14 - Chevy Cargo Van
go15 - Volvo Station Wagon
go16 - Sedan
go17 - Crown Victoria Cop Car
go18 - Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car
go19 - Grand Am Cop Car
go20 - Range Rover Cop Car/Ranger Vehicle
go21 - Cargo Truck (same as 03)

Country Woods shortcut:
There is a shortcut in the Country Woods track that can
save 18 seconds on your time. It is located where the
fence ends near a lot of trees.

Atlantica shortcut:
When you are at the split roads, stay to the right. A wooden
passage will be visiable at the second split. Use the hand
brake and turn into it. Then drive straight. You then have to
go left and then straight. After that, turn right.

More distance between the police:
After the police are on your tail, flip a U-turn by pressing
[Space] (E-Brake) so you are heading right for them. Once you
pass them, they will also turn around. Flip another U-turn and
quickly accelerate. Flipping the U-turn takes the police more
time, and will give you a couple more seconds to get ahead of

How to get the BF injection:
Submitted by: Nemo_C

This is the rarest car in the game.. there is only one, it is the car that
joey leone is working on whenever you meet him, to get it first complete
all the missions then go to the car park near the your garage in the first
island. It will be there.

Submitted by: AKASH

to get different cars just go to the main menu& simply type
different cars are unlocked by
go up to 20.

Submitted by: Ashish Anand

open the folder of nfs then in that open the floder of championship then you
will see something like this:-m_AvailableCarList[2]=vx220
now delete the name of all the early cars and do something like this:-
now it will be easy to when the early stage because speed of your car will 250+
and your oppsite will have just below 180(till 22 event).

Submitted by: Naumankhan

in the game folder go to game data and then car model and then vcop
folder open it by and text editor and lower the number given in this
police cannot catch you.

Submitted by: khalid aziz

enter these cheats at the maun menu

cheat result
ecop : you will get elnino cop
dcop : you will get diablo cop

Submitted by:naveen

IN NFS FOLDER OPEN CARS THEN SELECT A CAR eg:vipergts in vipergts folder
open cop car change the mass of the car into zero.

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