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Cheats of Need for Speed SE

Need for Speed SE Cheats

Need for Speed SE

Submitted by: conner54

Expert mode:
Select "Head To Head" mode, then hold [End] when choosing
a car, track and race type.

Overhead view:
Begin a race in single player mode.
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 1 to activate overhead view.
Then press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + to track
the vehicle.

Submitte by:Umair yaqoob

Press f11 to get new car during race.press f9 to mute volume.

Submitted by: Ashish

In the main menu type fzr2000 you will get 3 cars and type road rage
when in the game you will press your horn key the car ahead you and
nearest to you will crash down.when you select car and everything and
the loading comes press n button and you drive car in night mode.

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