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Cheats of Need for Speed V-Rally

Need for Speed V-Rally Cheats

Need for Speed V-Rally

As soon as the screen goes white for the
Infogrames logo press Up, Down, Triangle,
Circle, Up, Down, Triangle, then Circle. Once
lock of appears on the screen press the
following for extra cheats. The lock off cheat
will let you select the Arcade Medium and Hard
courses without having to complete the previous

Cheat:How to use it:
Unlimited TimePress and hold Left + L1 to get
infinite time on Arcade mode The race continues
even if the checkpoints are not crossed before
time expires, so you should have no trouble
going round backwards and crashing into the
other drivers for a laugh.
Narrow TracksPress and hold Left + L2. The
Arcade tracks are now narrower ­ as confirmed by
the 'Narrow Tracks Loading' message before a
race. These tracks are usually earned by
completing the Arcade Hard courses when the
difficulty level is set on Ace. You will need
sharp eyes indeed to spot the slight difference
between them and the normal tracks, but it is

JeepPress and hold Left + R1. A small Jeep will
replace the Peugeot 106 Maxi (see below for
details of the jeep's performance). This cheat
also activates the secret Rollercoaster track.
Restart RacePress and hold Left + R2 to allow an
Arcade mode race to be restarted. This
effectively gives you infinite continues which
should help when the computer-controlled bandits
run you off the road five yards from the finish

Debug ModePress Left then Right. Game debug
information will be displayed. Press Start to
access a 'Memory' option that displays more
information. Quite how useful this can be is a
mystery. Unless, of course, you happen to have
programmed the game.

All CheatsIf you want the first four cheats
active at the same time, simultaneously press
and hold Left + L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 when the 'Lock
Off' message appears.

Toyota CelicaYes, it is in there, but there's no
easy way to get it. You have to complete Arcade
and Championship on Pro level, coming first in
each. Now use same car on first Arcade track
(Corsica) in Time Trial and set a lap record
under 1 minute. The barrier on the left after
the start should disappear ­ drive down the lane
to obtain the Celica.

Rollercoaster TrackTo get this stomach-churning
course, simply activate the cheat for the Jeep,
then select the 'Sweden 1' Championship track in
Time Trial mode. The screen should say it's
loading the '????' stages to indicate you've
accessed the secret circuit.
The track itself is a real humdinger. You can
put your foot down at the start as the two bends
you come to are very slight, but as soon as
you're on the viaduct, hit the brakes and slow
right down. The reason for doing this is that
the small bumps following it are extremely
deadly - even a fraction of excessive speed can
send you spinning, or worse make you crash into
the invisible barrier that seems to cover the
top half of the screen.

When you're past this bit you can really put
your foot down. Come out of the next hard left
corner at high speed and head down the dip.
Don't go too fast, though, as there's a sharp
right turn as you get to the tunnel. Cruise
round the selection of corners and head up the
steep hill with the hammer down - avoid hitting
the sides or you'll stall the engine and be
dragged to the bottom again. Be wary of losing
control on your way down this mother of all
drops, as you'll be reaching speeds of 270 kph
or more - we're talking terminal wipe-out if you
screw up.

Following this there's an even bigger hill for
you drive up, and going down the other side is
no picnic as there are many lethal corners to
negotiate. When you're past this nightmare
there's only a small dip and right bend to
negotiate as you head for the finish line,
looking a bit green.

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