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Cheats of Neverhood

Neverhood Cheats


Submitted by: Firas Shaya "Beckham"
E-mail : firasbkm@uruklink.net

Happy Birthday Klaymen:
The cheat only works in the first room your in (at least
thats what I think), all you do is press ENTER then type
HAPPYBIRTHDAYKLAYMEN and then press ENTER agian, what
happens is you skip that room your in, which is the
easiest room of all, so I guess this is a pretty useless
cheat, but at least it works!

Fast Forward:
It's not much, all it does is make things go in fast motion.
Here is what you gotta do: Press ENTER, then type FASTFORWARD
and then press ENTER again.

Warp to Last Level
When your in the Venus Fly Trap room,
jump off the balcony. When you land
in the Venus Fly Trap's mouth, press
Enter, 179, Up, Down, Left, Right.

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