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Cheats of New Star Soccer 1

New Star Soccer 1 Cheats

New Star Soccer 1

Submitted by: Jeremy Mulder

This game is freeware, to request a register key, go to the official website
forum and request it.

After receiving your key, click on Registration in the top menu and then enter
your code. After registering you will receive 10 skill points. Save your game
and load your game. It will ask you for the key again, enter it and you will
have 10 additional skill points. Repeat this until all your skills are at maximum level.

New Star Soccer 2:

Extra Cash:
Go to "spend" then choose horseracing. Now bet 5,000 on each horse.
After the horserace completes, you will have at best 3 times your bet back.
AT worst you will earn 5,000 more than you placed a bet on.

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