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Cheats of Ocean Trader

Ocean Trader Cheats

Ocean Trader

- HeXCheat -

Here's what to do:

Make an investment in the bank (10,000 $ over one month). Save the

Quit the game.
Use a Hex Editor and open the savegame (game?.sve)
Search for 10 27 00 00 10 27 00 00
Change the numbers to 00 CA 9A 3B 00 CA 9A 3B
Reload the savegame.
BONANZA! You now have an investment of 1,000,000,000 $ due within a
That oughtta help out a bit.

Oh, and there's nothing that prevents you from making several
investments at once, I was well satisfied with 3 billion buckaroos.
By the way, choosing a financial target as single goal is folly, and
will cause you to automatically win the game. Select all goals at


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