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Cheats of Pac-Man World Rally

Pac-Man World Rally Cheats

Pac-Man World Rally

Submitted by: conner54

Black Bomb:
Eat five blue ghosts in Pac-Mobile mode to unlock the Black Bomb upgrade for
the Green Bomb.

Play as Fygar from Dig Dug:
Win the circuit races and rally under the hard difficulty setting.

Play as Pooka from Dig Dug:
Win the circuit races and rally under the normal difficulty setting.

Play as The Prince from Katamari Damacy:
Win the circuit races and rally under the easy difficulty setting.

Unlock Cups:
Nore: Cups will only be unlocked for the difficulty at which you play the required cups
to unlock it.
(i.e. beating the Watermelon Cup on Normal will only get you the Classic Cup for Normal):

Classic Cup - Complete the Watermelon Cup
Rally Cup - Complete the Classic Cup
Watermelon Cup - Complete the Cherry and Grape Cups

Unlock Nightmare Difficulty Setting:
To unlock the Nightmare difficulty setting, complete the Rally Cup on Hard difficulty.

Galaga ship:
Eat at least twelve ghosts in the Classic Cup.

Sir Pac-A-Lot.:
Eat at least ten ghosts in the Watermelon Cup.

Siria weapon.:
Eat at least eight ghosts in the Grape Cup.

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