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Cheats of Parasol Stars

Parasol Stars Cheats

Parasol Stars

Type "A WORD" (with the space).
The following keys cause certain effects:

Key Result
M - Get 3 Star Miracle icons. AKA known as Instant
Death and Big Food.
T - End the level.
1-7 - Skip to that level in the current world. Level 7
is the boss.
F1-F10- Skip to that world. What I call 3a is listed as world 9.
G - Kill everything. I recommend 'M' instead for the points!
C - Extra credit.
D - Die...
B - Instant bonus potion.
X - Skip to hidden world 3a.

All monsters will be unable to move when you use this code.
*The game will crash* after you beat the last boss.
Type "CYNIX" to skip to the last world.

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