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Cheats of Pax Imperia 1

Pax Imperia 1 Cheats

Pax Imperia 1

Submitted by: jarod kachovich

First you need a hex editor i use hex workshop or
you can use a program called Xtree. The second step
is to go into your game and make a new person with 5
finance, -5 research(low on all weapons ect.),
1 reproduction, merchant, subterranean, anaerobic
and builder. Than once you have started to play save
and than quit. If you have installed hex workshop all
you have to do is find the pax save folder and right
click and goto edit with hex workshop. Once opened
search for 59 4000(no spaces) and change all of the
5's into 8's there should be 3 of them if there is more
just put 8's on all of them.

NOTE: This cheat costs about 6 400 for each planet and
above so it is wise to only do one of the 0059 4000.

The first 0059 4000 is research the second is espionage
and the 3rd is construction. It sould look like this
0089 4000 0000 0000 0089 4000 0000 0000 0089 4000

Research Cheat:
I've discovered a way to cheat in Pax Imperia Emminent
Domain. First off you need a Hex editor, next you go into
your saved game if it's a new game you might need to let it
run for a minute in order for it to work and search for 0014
0000 0014 there will be about 5 of the 0014 (which is 20 in
hex) in close proximity to each other and these will be the
amount of percentage points alocated for each area of
research from there you can just change the numbers to
whatever you want i.e 00FF would give you 255% in whatever
field you want. Now although you can do this for every field
just be carefull that you don't lower the percentage points
for any field over while the game is running as this will
cause all research in that field to stop since all the other
R.Ps are in other fields.

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