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Cheats of Postal

Postal Cheats


Type while playing:

Code Description
FIREHURLER - Missile launcher and fuel cannisters.
FLAMENSTEIN - Flame thrower and fuel canisters.
IAMSOLAME - God mode.
LOBITFAR - 10 grenades and Molotov cocktails.
SHELLFEST - Shotgun, spray cannon and 50 shells.
SHOTGUN - Shotgun and 50 shells.
STERNOMAT - Grenade gun and ammo.
THEBESTGUN - Chain shotgun and ammo.
TITANIII - Missile launcher and missiles.
HEALTHFUL - Full health
THICKSKIN - Full armor
CARRYMORE - Double ammo capacity
GIMMEDAT - Get everything
HESSTILLGOOD - Resurrection (when dead)
DAWHOLEENCHILADA - Grenades, Missiles, Napalm, Flamer
BREAKYOSAK - Shotgun ammo
MYTEAMOUSE - Makes Chars Smaller
EXPLODARAMA - Grenades, Missiles, Heatseekers

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