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Cheats of Powermonger

Powermonger Cheats


Instruct your captain to invent something, put the
game speed up to full, pause the game, and wait
for a minute or two. When you unpause the game,
the invention should be ready.

There are no actual cheats in Powermonger although
here is a rather nifty, if somewhat sneaky, tactic
to try. First you must be allied with someone. If you
are having trouble allying, trade with them first.
Pots are ideal although Ploughs will work just as well.
When you have allied, go to their village and keep
Getting Food from them. The inhabitants will become
more and more narked at this and eventually they will
rebel against their masters and join a random tribe.
This could be yours, a neutral tribe or even back
to their original owner.

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