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Cheats of Psychonauts

Psychonauts Cheats


Submitted by: RMF

All Powers:
Press X, X, F, E, Tab, F.

All Powers Upgraded:
Press Tab, click Mouse Wheel, Tab, E, X, E.

Full Ammo:
Click Mouse Wheel, Space, Tab, Tab, F, X.

Full Arrowheads:
Press Space, click Mouse Wheel t, E, F, Left Mouse Button.

Full Lives:
Press Tab, E, E, X, Space, click Mouse Wheel.

Global Items:
Click Mouse Wheel, X, E, E, Right Mouse Button, Tab, F.

Bonus movie:
Reach Psi Cadet rank 100 by collecting all Psi-Orbs, Psi-Cards, Cobwebs, Figments,
Emotional Baggage, and scavenger hunt items.

Defeating Jasper:
To defeat Jasper in Gloria's theater, use Pyrokinesis, Levitation, and whatever
else desired. Use your Levitation Ball to float up the top where the lights are located.
Jump and use your Levitation Float above the music note to get there. Use Pyrokinesis
to light the candles and make Jasper dizzy. Go down and punch him until he is no longer
dizzy. Repeat this to kill him.

Defeating the Lungfish:
To defeat the Lungfish for the first and second stages, whenever he blows out the yellow
boxes, hit the one he starts to suck in. To win in the final stage, stand by a clam.
When he starts swinging the thing on his head, punch the clam shell, then punch him.

To defeat the Boss in Lungfishopolis, whenever he shoots the beam thing at you activate
the shield to make it go back at him.

Black Velvetopia: Easy completion:
When you are looking for the cards, defeat the wrestlers and obtain the cards (in any order).
Once you have three of the cards, make sure you have your Levitation power maxed out by
ranking up. Once you have the high jump levitation, go up to the top of the card tower where
Edgar is located. Walk into the cards Edgar is working on so that they fly away.
Then, activate your levitation power and go to the edge of the stable cards. Then, jump.
You should activate the final Boss fight of El'Odio, and complete the level. This will save
about fifteen minutes of running and jumping in the level.

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