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Cheats of Quarantine

Quarantine Cheats


Submitted by: Enigma Question
Email: tbcat2001@yahoo.com.ar
LEVEL 2 - Omnicorp is all knowing
LEVEL 3 - Keep the opressor opressing
LEVEL 4 - The meek shall inherit zilch
LEVEL 5 - Have you had your hydergine today
LEVEL 6 - Kemo city a nice play to live
(doesn't work in all versions)

Start the game with these paramaters:

-cheater -infinite -nocar -invince

In game: press Alt-Ctrl-F7 before anyone hits you or you hit
them and you will be invincible, no cars on the road, and
infinite weapons.

Need more money?
Hex edit SAVEx.GAM (x being game number)

Sector 0, offset 407-408: change to 0F 27

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