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Cheats of Quest - The Dungeon Escape

Quest - The Dungeon Escape Cheats

Quest - The Dungeon Escape

Submitted by: conner54

- Raise your experience as fast as possible, it will make the later level a
lot easier. To do this try to only buy experience points in between levels,
unless you must buy something else to survive.

- Always watch your hitpoints when fighting a monster, and try to keep a
potion handy at all times.

- There are secret passages all over the place. If you can find them you
will be well rewarded.

- Always try to destroy all monsters in a level. This will give you the
maximum amount of experience points you can get in a level(if your good
you should be able to get to experience level 10 by the end of the game).

- Don't worry about your food too much. If you are fast your should be able
to get through 3 levels before you become hungry. Try not to ever buy food,
there is enough hidden in the levels for you to survive on.

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