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Cheats of Radix - Beyond the Void

Radix - Beyond the Void Cheats

Radix - Beyond the Void

All versions:
NSOPTA Full armor, shields, energy, weapons, ammo
NSBAGWAN Ultra-Shields toggle
NSBJIPP Maneuevering jets toggle
NSOPTL Surface illumination
NSHALT Let's you hover (only matters in v1.0)
NSOPTD Debug mode
NSWARPxy Warp to episode x and level y
NSOPTM Full map

Version 1.1 and 2.0 only:
NSE Full energy
NSBLASTER Rapid shield regeneration toggle
NSHORSLEY Rapid energy regeneration toggle
NSDIEBESTERDS Weapons fire faster
NSFRICOFF Air friction toggle
NSDEATH Death mode skill level

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