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Cheats of Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear

Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear Cheats

Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear

Update by: Will V

Press [Enter] during game play to display the communication
window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Map draw AI normal colors - normalcolors
Map draw AI panicked colors - panickedcolors
Map draw AI ROE colors - roestatecolors
Map draw AI ROE speed colors - roespeedcolors
Map draw AI combat state colors - combatstatecolors
Map draw AI behavior colors - behaviorcolors
Map draw AI psycological state colors - psychstatecolors
Map draw AI threat awareness colors - threatawarenesscolors
Map draw AI aware colors - awarenessstatecolors
Map draw AI alertness colors - alertnessstatecolors
Map draw AI plan colors - aiplancolors
Map draw level maps - levelmaps
Map draw test plan - testplan
Map draw plan - drawplan
Map draw path point links - pathpointlinks
Map draw cover points - coverpoints
Map draw path points - pathpoints
Map draw object walls - objectwalls
Map draw obstacle walls - obstaclewalls
Team invisible mode - teamshadow
Invisible mode - theshadowknows
Debug keys activated - debugkeys
Fart mode - silentbutdeadly or
Monocle mode - monocle
2D players - turnpunchkick
Heavy breathing - 1-900
Clodhopper mode - clodhopper
Mega head mode - meganoggin
Big head mode - bignoggin
Refill inventory - 5fingerdiscount
Victory conditions - explore
Disable AI - nobrainer
Stumpy mode - stumpy
Team god mode - teamgod
Avatar god mode - avatargod
Wounding shots kill - wounddeath

Submitted by e.kirk@england.com

Here is a tip with ammo. When your on your last bullet on
your primary or secondary weapon, reload,and you'll get full
ammo without wasting a clip.

Submitted by blizz240


flashbang grenade:
Throw a flashbang grenade into a room before you enter.
The stunning effect may give you time to get the drop
on the room's occupants.

When planning a mission, make sure you duplicate critical
skills within your assault team. For example, if you know
you'll need an electronics expert, take two so you'll have
a spare if one gets killed.

Equip All:
Don't forget to properly equip your team members. It's easy
to hit the "Equip All" button once you have a good general-
purpose kit. Unfortunately, this won't put a sniper rifle in
your sniper's hands or a breaching ring where you need it.

Use any break:
Use any break in the action to change magazines. There is never
a good time to run out of bullets.

Double Your MEN!:
Press enter on your keyboard. Then go to an area with terrorists
Then type gunsalldownmen and all the terrorists in sight will turn
into your men.
This Cheat/Hint submitted by Killing_Bart

DEMO Version Cheats:
Invulnerable Team

Press ";" Then type in teamgod
This Cheat/Hint submitted by Killing_Bart
Ammo Refill

Press ";" Then type: 5fingerdiscount
This Cheat/Hint submitted by Killing_Bart

Explore Mode:
Press ";" Then type in: explore
This Cheat/Hint submitted by Killing_Bart

Selected Played Invincible:
Press ";" Then type: playergod

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