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Cheats of Rattler Race

Rattler Race Cheats

Rattler Race

Easy win:
Set the "Computer Snake" option to any "1", "2", or "3"
and begin game play. Press [F3] to pause game play when
a snake comes out from the top of the level. Return to
the options screen and set "Computer Snake" to "0".,
Guide your snake through the opening at the top of the
level to win. Return to the options screen and set the
"Computer Snake" option back to "1", "2", or "3" before
the next level and repeat.

Easy points:
Enter the options menu and set the difficulty to "Expert".
Exit the game completely, then start it again. This time,
do not enter the option screen before beginning the game.
You will get four points for each apple and the game will
run under the normal difficulty speed.

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