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Cheats of Rayman

Rayman Cheats


Submitted by: Tanzeel Abdullah

while playing get to a safe location and type:

goldfist - you get golden fist
raypoint - full health
raylives - 99 lives
raypower - all powers

Enter the following codes during game play to activate the
corresponding cheat function. Note: Numbers must be entered
using the top row of keys.

Effect Code
5 lives - kom0ogdk
99 lives - trj8p or raylives
10 more Tings - 86e40g91
Breakout mini-game - b76b7081
Golden power fist - 2x2rmfmf or goldfist
Go to next map - o8feh
All powers - en5gol2g or power
Access all six worlds - 4ctrepfj

Control Rayman in slow motion:
Hold [Right] at the loading screen until Rayman
appears. He may now be controlled in slow motion.

Ten continues:
After having three or less continues, press
[Up] [Down] [Right] [Left] at the continue screen.

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