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Cheats of Realms of Arkania 2 - Star Trail

Realms of Arkania 2 - Star Trail Cheats

Realms of Arkania 2 - Star Trail

Exit the Temple of Peraine (you will receive information
about your quest).
Exit "Lovely Meadow" Tavern.
Go to and spend a night at the "Rest" Inn.
Pack your bags and leave the city.

Take this route: south, southwest, south, south and
continue along this route until you reach Gashok.
Along the way, you may want to stop and aid the priestess.
It will be a difficult fight, but the reward is well worth
the effort.

Search the ruins of Artherion's Old Mill.
Ask Gerlanje, the herbalist, about the "Mill" and then "Artherion."
Leave the city to the northeast and commence marching.
When you come to the dirt path, follow it to the north.
If you are lucky, you will reach Artherion on your first try.
Tell him that you have come to avenge him, and you know what
he must have gone through.
Return to the city and stay the night at the "All Roads" Inn.
Visit Gerlanje again and ask her about "foreigners" and "Valpor
of Kuslik."
Find Valpor of Kuslik and ask him where you can find the
honourable newcomers.
Find and kill Erholt of Tiefhusen.
Execute Deregorn of Thunderbrook and search his home for evidence.
Return to Artherion to be rewarded with two magical weapons.
Return to city once again.
Spend another nig

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