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Cheats of Red Faction

Red Faction Cheats

Red Faction

Submitted by: nightraider
Update by: Sean & Lydia McMahan
E-mail: seanandlydia@earthlink.net

When playing Single-Player, press the tilde (~) button
and type in any of the following codes:

Code Result
vivalahelvig - Invulnerability
bighugmug - Full Ammo/All weapons
heehoo - Fly Mode
camera1 - switch camera modes
camera2 - switch camera modes
camera3 - switch camera modes

NOTE: In certain parts of the game, invulnerabilty may
switch off when moving into a new area.

Submitted by: Andy
E-mail : dragon159753@hotmail.com

If possibal try and sneak on your opponents or
if they are shooting at you then run as close
as you can to them [even in the open]but right
in front of him is better if possible.If he is
snipering you then sniper him or dodge him.

Secret Video:
1) Either open the Red Faction CD number 2, or the
Red Faction folder on your hard drive if you did a
full installation.

2) Open the Data folder.

3) Open the Movies folder.

4) There should be a file called: "technochunk.exe".
It should have a "Bink Video" icon. Double-click on this
file and a secret video will start playing. It has some
Red Faction enemies and other characters dancing to some
music, with an explosive finale :)

Easter Egg:
On CD2 in data/movies there's a hilarious Bink Video .exe file.

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