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Cheats of Red Faction 2

Red Faction 2 Cheats

Red Faction 2

Submitted by: conner54

Enter the following code at the "Cheats" sub-menu, which is
found at the main screen by going to "Extras", then "Cheats":

Code Result
xxywywz - Super Health
ywxzyzxw - Unlimited Ammo
zxzxzxzx - Unlimited Grenades
wwwwwwww - Wacky Deaths
yxzwzxyw - Director's Cut
zzzzzzzz - Bouncy Grenades
xxxxxxxx - Zombie Walk
yyyyyyyy - Fire Bullets
zyzyxxww - Rapid Rails
xxxxyzxx - Instagib Ammo
wzxywzxy - Instagib Explosions
zzzzwxzz - Bullet Gibs
wwxxyzyz - Unlock Everything *
yzwzyxwx - Unlock All Cheats *
zyxwyzxx - Unlock All Levels *

* denotes that all other codes must have been entered before
these can be used.

FMV sequences:
After clearing a level, you will be awarded the FMV sequence for that
level plus another movie. Completing level 1 unlocks a spoof interview
with characters from Summoner 2 talking about the Red Faction games.
Completing level 2 unlocks a behind-the-scenes FMV sequence.

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