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Cheats of Red Thunder

Red Thunder Cheats

Red Thunder

Until you learn the game, it's best to let the Air
Force Adjutant manage your initial plane allocation.
He'll make sure to place a reasonable number of planes
on air superiority missions, to operationally bomb
appropriate hexes, and to leave a handful of squadrons
for you to employ.

Take a minute to learn the factors that affect your
attacks. As the Soviet leader, you can initially bludgeon
the Germans, but you'll soon find that you don't have an
unlimited supply of men and material. It's better to
employ your forces effectively. Try to utilize the corps
integrity rules, air support, close artillery support,
and long-range artillery. It will make your gaming life much

Partisans are so cool. They won't survive a toe-to-toe
battle with a Panzer battalion, but they can blow bridges
and blocks roads. Both endeavors make them worth their
weight in vodka.

Don't make foolhardy attacks. Three-to-one odds are the
minimum for a safe attack. Use the powerful Soviet infantry
to rip holes in the German lines, and then follow through
with the tank formations. Surround formations, cut off their
supply, and then destroy them.

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