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Cheats of Redline

Redline Cheats


Update by: Alin
Submitted by: Grim Reaper

To enable the cheats, hold down the G,0,D keys while
in the game all at once. This should bring up a text
area were you can input the cheats.

Code Result
IMMORTAL - God mode on
MORTAL - God mode off
RETICLE - Smart Reticle; turns red when over a target
CAMERA - Third person view when on-foot
ALLAMMO - All on-foot weapons have max ammo
TARGETS - Targeting for on-foot weapons
DMDAMAGE - Double damage when on-foot
RADAR - On-foot radar
CW - All car weapons
CA - Max car ammo
STONEAGE - Running person in place of car
CAROFF - No car geometry
CARFLIP - Flip car geometry
CARREVERSE - Reverse car geometry
WHEELSOFF - Toggle car wheels
TEAMBEYOND - Beyond Games Credit World

To escape quickly and get the most out of your ammo,
drive backward and fire at pursuing enemies.

To make it easier on your fingers, create a custom
control scheme for both on-foot and behind-the-wheel action.

Multiplayer tip: Drop mines near power-ups and
blow up greedy opponents.

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