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Cheats of Redneck Rampage Rides Again

Redneck Rampage Rides Again Cheats

Redneck Rampage Rides Again

Submitted by juhh
Email: flamnsax@aol.com

Usage: RD + (key)

Code Result
hounddog - god mode toggle
all - get all (guns, ammo, inventory, keys)
meadow### - warp (# - episode, ## - level)
yerat - show location toggle
view - view mode (F7) toggle
unlock - lock toggle
items - get all items
rate - show frame rate
skill# - skill level (# - level)
teachers - "You Were All Wrong!"
moonshine - get some moonshine
critters - monster respawn toggle
rafael - "For You Grandpa!"
showmap - show all map toggle
elvis - god mode toggle
clip - clip mode toggle
guns - get all guns
inventory - get all inventory
keys - get all keys
debug - debug mode toggle
joseph - get the motorcycle
mrbill - inflict heavy damage on oneself
rhett - instant death ("Now You're Fucked!")
aaron - mushroom mode
nocheat - turns off all cheats
woleslagle - drunk mode toggle (InstaDrunk/InstaSober)
mikael - get all items
greg - get the boat
noah - alternate debug information toggle
arijit - get the boat
donut - get the boat
kfc - chicken mode
rdshit - to get extra cuss phrases in the game

Email: nikola.sunjka@hi.hinet.hr
Submitted by: Neo Cool

If you die, just press ~.
If you are alive press ~ to gain 2 of life.

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