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Cheats of Return to Krondor

Return to Krondor Cheats

Return to Krondor

Edit RTKRONDOR.INI and make sure the
following lines are in it:


After the game reaches its final navigation screen,
press ALT-C to bring up the console prompt
(the green $ sign).

Press ENTER and ALT-C to remove console prompt.
The cheat enables your mages all spells and makes your
mages cast it without cost! Unfortunately the provider
of the cheat says that this is the only useful cheat
that made it into final game.

submitted by: rickHH

Jazhara and James are your most important characters.
They start at a low level, and both of them will need
Defense and Initiative to be very high, so those
attributes should be raised at every opportunity.

James will eventually need Bow skill; Jazhara should
finish the Path of Storms.

In the open field, when there is enough distance between
you and your enemies, it pays to use a stunning area-effect
spell such as the Thunderclap.
Never risk a Thunderclap in close quarters!

Save your game before starting any given quest, and keep
that save-game clean; sometimes you\'ll need to start back
at square one.

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