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Cheats of Revenant

Revenant Cheats


When hit enter, type:

Code Result
alreadydead - God Mode
potionsnlotions - Receive Many Potions
alchemy - 999999 Gold
nahkranoth - Kill Monster With One Hit
noamnesia - Makes Character Level 30
abracadabra - Mana Never Decreases and Gives
All Talismans
gimmesomegrub - Gives 5 of Each Food Type
dummies - Turn Off Monster AI
debug - Press [F12] for an In-Game Editor
lookunderthehood - to see all items you can buy, including
armor andweapons
showmetheway - Get Navigation Map

Increase Stats:
Go to Jong (the trainer) and use the pass code Nahkranoth
(which makes you kill with one strike). Spar with Jong,
each time you hit him you gain a lot of experience.
Continue to spar with him, but not too long or he will die.
When he starts to dissappear, end sparring session, go back
inside, then come back out. He will be rejuvinatedso that
you can spar with him again. Continue to do this and recieve
until the desired stats are received.

Reappearing dragon and treasure:
Get to the tower where you get the ring for the sailor,
with the dragon. Approach and kill the dragon. Take the
treasure, then go to the middle as close as possible
without being teleported downstairs. Save the game, then
reload it. If done correctly the dragon and treasure will

After level 15, you get to raise only one stat at a time,
so get in those crucial raises to Strength and Constitution
early. You're going to need them.

When fighting in the woods in the early portion of the game,
spend at least one level's worth of combat fighting with just
your bar hand. You'll need some hand-to-hand skill--as well
as the poison spell--to face the Ogrok champion Baez.

Defeating the scorpion Solifuge isn't so hard, once you know
what the gag is. The longbow that you need is actually inside
his cage, in a chest to the right, with some handy ice arrows.
You need to equip the bow, shoot him with an arrow to freeze
him, then equip your sword and hack at him as fast and brutally
as possible. When you need a breather, you can run into the tiny
alcove in the lower left-hand corner of the cage to down a few

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