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Cheats of Robocod

Robocod Cheats


Submitted by: Dj Simo

When you collect next objects in this order...
1 Cake
2 Hammer
3 Piece of earth
4 Apple
5 Plug
... your demo version become perfect version, you can go to every door
and you have invinsibility.

Submitted by: Dj Simo


Full life (1):
Offset 49FA
Change to 90 90 90 90

Full life (2):
Offset 4A68
Change to 90 90 90 90

More money:
Offset 2560
Change to 90 90 90 90

Offset DE7B
Change to 90 90 90 90

Submitted by: Enigma Question
Email: tbcat2001@yahoo.com.ar
During the game type "THE LITTLE MERMAID" and them

Y - Be Invincible
L - Choose level

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