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Cheats of Rollcage - Stage 2

Rollcage - Stage 2 Cheats

Rollcage - Stage 2

Go to the 'Bonus Awards' menu and enter one of the
following cheat-codes.
You will here a noise when you've entered it correctly.

Code Result
metropolis - All Cars
mynameisneo - All Campaigns
mynameismrsmith - All Campaigns Minus 1
inversion - Mirror Mode
wreckedonspeed - All Game-Types (excluding Soccer)
warpspeedmrsulu - All Tracks
givemetheguysback - Unknown
itisiwhoammad - Unknown
billythewhizz - Unknown
snar - Unknown

Random weapon:
Press [F3] to get a random weapon.

I got a little cheat that will guarantee that u always
come #1 in the arcade and tournaments (only works in
total racing, and non-knock out races). All you have
to do is look for a place with weapons and camp there.
Then fire weapons at cars that come by. Worried that if
the other opponents finish u dont get points, well that
is not so. The opponents will keep on coming by u until
u finish the race, so keep on collecting weapons and firing.
The opponents no longer shoot each other once they finish
their race so they dont get extra points. I find that a
total of 30000 is usually sufficient. then just finish
the race.
I find this good with tracks that are impossible to race on.

Submitted by: Mihir

press [F3] to get weapon & [F4] to change weapon

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