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Cheats of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Cheats

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Submitted by: bosluk
Email: bosluk@inndir.com

Rename one of your park guests (or more) the following codes to get the
desired effect:

Codes Effects :
Atari -- All guests laugh
Mouse -- All guests stand around looking down at the ground
Make Me Sick -- All guests become Sick and vomit immediately
James Hunt -- Moss (You are given a buggy vehicle to ride in)
Frontier -- All rides and coasters never break down
D Lean -- Open the "Flying Camera" routes editor
A Hitchcock -- Birds fly like in Alfred's movie
PhotoStory -- Unknown, but in XP only
ATITech -- Every Person (both guests & staff) move super fast
Guido Fawkes -- Gives access to the advanced Fireworks editor
Chris Sawyer -- Guests Jump for joy
Sam Denney -- Ride all coasters
Jon Roach -- Ride all non-coaster rides
Atomic -- Big Explosion
Jonny Watts -- PeepCam
John Wardley -- Removes height restrictions when building coasters
John D Rockefeller -- Increase your money by $10,000 (You can do this many
times just before the guest leaves the park)

Codes only work after Beta Patch :
Andrew Thomas -- Decreases track friction
David Braben -- Disable the Lift Chain Speed & Launch Speed limits.
Andrew Gillett -- On the first Career mission, this code will double
the value rating of your park, on other tested missions, it seems to
possibly cause a slight increase in park value

Submitted by: Jean Paragas

While building your park,build the shuttle loop coaster and change the
speed to 60mph.

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