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Cheats of S.W.I.N.E

S.W.I.N.E Cheats


Submitted by: Allan
E-mail: IlHansenIl@hansen.dk

Press [SHIFT] + [ENTER] to open the console, then type:

Code Result
smarten - Increased Rank of Selected Unit
mo money - Get Additional 1000 Credits
quicker than death - Kill Enemy Units with 1 Shot
blitzkrieg - Skip Level
instant delivery - Get Units Fast
show fps - Show Framerate

Cheat Result
Shift + F1 - Zoom
Shift + F2 - Fog of War
Shift + F3 - God Mode
Shift + F4 - Win Mission
Shift + F5 - Quick Save
Shift + F6 - Shades

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