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Cheats of Sacred

Sacred Cheats


Submitted by: conner54
These are the cheats for the full version. Just start the game with the
parameter /CHEATS=1 and press [~] while in the game to open the console.
Now type in the following codes:

Code Result
sys cheats 963 - Activate cheat mode
cheat lord - God mode
cheat sucide - Suicide
cheat teleport - Teleport
cheat tp - Teleport

Update by:Dragomir

SYS CHEATS=1 - Activate cheat mode
CHEAT GOD - God mode
CHEAT RARE - Get rare items
CHEAT upgrade - All upgrades for the current character
CHEAT SETGOLD # - Set gold to #
CHEAT ADDGOLD=# - Add # gold
CHEAT SETLEVEL=# - Set level for current character (max 255)
CHEAT SETHEROLEVEL=# - Set level for current hero (max 255)
CHEAT FOGOFWAR - No fog of war
CHEAT DAMAGE - Set health to 1
SYS FPS - Show Frame rate

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