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Cheats of Skunny Kart

Skunny Kart Cheats

Skunny Kart

Press [F1] four times for player one or [F5] four
times for player two. To return to normal mode,
press [F1] for player one or [F5] for player two.

Press [F2] two times for player one or [F6] two
times for player two.

Cheat mode:
Press [Backspace] to pause the game, type one of
the following codes, then press [Enter] to resume
game play with the cheat function.

Result Code
Invincibility - superskunny
Reduce keys needed for exit by 10 - keymaster
Opens exit - opensesame
End current level - iamcheating
Kill enemies on contact - begonevilebeast
Upside down level - topsiturvy
Wiggles level - feelingsick
Invisible, except for eyes - prestochanger
Show overview map of level - gatekeeper
Reverses control - stupid
View Magic Touch development team - magicteam
Fast game play - gonuts
Open all secret entrances - azertyqwerty
Extra life - reincarnation
99 lives - givemethemagictouch
Disable all toggled cheats - nocheats
Display coordinates - position

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