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Cheats of Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic 3D Blast Cheats

Sonic 3D Blast

E-mail: tazzy155@hotmail.com
Submitted by: scott mcardle

press enter during play so you get the map up then
press enter again then press space bar you will be able
to select any level you want you can do this any time
you like.

In the game, press M to activate ESC menu.
Then pressing ESC will blank the screen with
a menu bar at the top with options.

F1 starts up Help.
F3 (or ENTER or S) toggles map & stats on/off.
F9 saves a screenshot (LBM format).

When the game starts the first time, it writes
2 files to the root directory:
report.txt and SONIC3Dsonic3d.ini (both empty).

To start in any area(1-3) of any zone(1-7),
copy the Z?A?.SAV file of that Zone/Area to
PCSONIC.SAV and select Continue from the main
menu or Load Saved Game from the ESC-GAME menu.

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